These Kids


One day I woke up and had an almost-three-year-old daughter who no longer naps, talks for hours about her new shoes, and memorizes books to read them back to me. A daughter who is highly anticipating preschool and her new backpack, while also stating that she’ll probably cry a little when we drop her off at school. One who loves potato chips (a little too much), Caillou, playing games, and swimming in the pool for hours on end. One who reminds me when I renege on a promise, like getting out the Hello Kitty sprinkler. One who loves to talk about boys and girls and their similarities and differences. One who has learned how to access the many fun kid games on our iPad without our help. One who lounges in bed after she wakes up in the morning, just to have a little extra snuggle time.

I seem to also have a one-year-old son whose baby vocabulary is bursting, who loves to read, who loves his mama, who scrunches up his nose and smiles when someone sees him. Who waves and says “bye-bye,” who loves to go really high on the swings, who knows how to walk but won’t admit it yet.

I really love these kids. And I really love getting to know them on a daily basis, through the good and the bad, the energy-filled hours and the crying-filled ones. I am so grateful of our time together and so willing to be here for them day in and day out for the foreseeable future. As I see in my now kid-like daughter (once my darling baby and now my big girl), the time does go so very, very fast.


4 thoughts on “These Kids”

  1. This whole post made me smile! You have made an awesome fam Nat!! And who knows, you might even add to it one day!. 🙂

  2. Your post is artfully written and moving (I would have just said “wonderful” but someone beat me to it) – well done! And remember that love for chips is genetic – please don’t hold it against her too much! :>)=

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