Carson’s Cowboy Party


So, my little guy turned one last week. We were in Idaho for the festivities, and I thought since my boy is our Western-named little guy, a cowboy party would be appropriate to celebrate his big milestone.

We went all out for the celebration, which was also a family reunion of sorts, bringing together my two brothers and their partners, my parents, and us all together for the first time in more than a year.

Together with my extremely helpful family — we decorated and prepared a festive Wild West shindig:

The Decorations

I printed a Martha Stewart template and cut out the middle section of each printout to make these wanted posters. We hung them on my parents’ backyard fence.



My brother’s wonderful girlfriend constructed a last-minute birthday banner from a cowboy-friendly font found online for free and a paper bag, which she used to back the letters.


This guy kept creeping us out throughout the party:


I fell in love with these cow-print balloons, which we used with blue, red, and brown ones as well.


Of course, there were cowboy hats and bandanas. Even Baby dressed for the occasion.



And, for the sake of family tradition, I made a big number one and used Carson’s monthly pictures.


Food and Drink

We kept things simple with lemonade (served in mason jars — my ode to Pinterest!), root beer, and standard, All-American beers like Budweiser to drink.



We served peanuts in the shell, barbecue pork, potato salad, cowboy caviar — a Costco salad consisting of beans and corn, baked beans, tortellini in pesto sauce, and potato chips. I kept the food purposely low-key so we could all enjoy ourselves, and I didn’t even get a pic of the spread!


Carson loved the cowboy meal!




We played a few games in the backyard, including cowboy trivia and a game with ladder golf where participants tried to lasso different creatures taped on the ladders, including a steer, dinosaur, and hippo. Prizes included Moon Pies and jerky.

The Cake

I went store bought for the cake, since cooking in 100-degree heat isn’t my idea of a good time. We used a great local bakery, which chipped in a smash cake for free! I love the vintage cowboy look!





Overall, the party was a great time and truly memorable for all those who attended. We’ll always remember our little cowboy on his special day!



8 thoughts on “Carson’s Cowboy Party”

  1. That is a GREAT party. I think you struck the perfect balance of hand/home-made and store-bought. Looks like a great time was had by all!

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