Carson: One Year

On Friday, Carson turned one, and we celebrated in style! I’ll post about his party later in the week, but I first wanted to write about how my son has grown since he first arrived with us last July.

Carson has blossomed into a toddler, though he is still a little too afraid to walk independently. He takes several steps on his own, but mostly clings to walls and objects to get around. He’s a really speedy crawler as well, so I think that is holding him back from the full-time, two-feet endeavor. I do look forward to him walking, though, as he’s quite a sack of flour to carry!


As of his birthday, Carson has six teeth (four on top, two on bottom), says several words (hi, mama, book, baba, and a few more), and has become quite the social animal. On our vacation he skipped bedtime often to charm his audience of family members. The airplane ride to Boise was a little scary with his idea of a fun plane ride being to entertain passengers and bang on seats and in the aisle (there’s a reason we’ve nicknamed him Hulk Smash).

Other nicknames for Carson include: CC, Carsie, Little C, Mr. C, and Buddy.


Carson’s presence in our lives is a true gift. He is a wonderful and fun little brother for Nora and a compassionate and loving son to his parents. We loved celebrating his major milestone, and look forward to what next year will bring!

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4 thoughts on “Carson: One Year”

  1. Oh, he is just a darling. Congratulations to the whole family on reaching such a wonderful milestone!

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