Adventures Await

IMG_0090I should be packing, but I am here typing this, trying to decide if my almost-one-year-old is down for a nap. Preparing for any trip with a family of four has its challenges, as Steve and I learn time and time again. The good news about our upcoming trip is that we can purchase all goods throughout the two-week stay, which relives me of some logistical nightmares like packing diapers for fifteen days!

I am elated with our forthcoming trip–there’s nothing like celebrating making it through another year of baby with a long and family-packed vacation with lots of adults to babysit. Plus, now that I am a SAHM, we don’t have to worry about saving vacation days for the inevitable winter runny noses and fevers. What a joy it is to have this leisure time with my husband and littles.

So let me go back to packing carry-ons with surprise toys and books, loading new shows and movies on our iPads, and checking and double-checking my list to make sure everything is where it should be. I expect to post throughout my vacation, but in case I don’t for the rest of a bit, have a wonderful Fourth of July!

Au revoir!


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