Honoring the Dads in My Life


It’s Father’s Day today, and we are relaxing at home after a really busy week hosting my parents. The U.S. Open (golf tournament) is just a mile from our house, and we’ve been attending the tournament in various capacities all week.

The golf tournament is a wonderful excuse to spend time with my dad and my hubby, who took a few days off to visit with my folks. Dad took me to the practice round Wednesday, and we managed to scout out the tournament as well as enjoy some father-daughter time. Steve accompanied my dad Thursday for the opening-day play at Merion.


Now that my parents are en route back home (to prepare for our visit in just a few weeks!!!), the kids and I are lauding Steve today, eating bagels, hanging in our sweatpants, and planning to watch the end of the golf tourney together.


I did manage to make a few things for Steve for Father’s Day, including this card (via the Martha Stewart for iPad app) and this cute bottle of Hershey Kisses, found via Pinterest. I gave my dad candy for the holiday too–must be something about dads that they need a sweet or two!

I hope you are enjoying this wonderful late-spring/almost-summer day and celebrating the dads in your life!


2 thoughts on “Honoring the Dads in My Life”

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