Early June Things

Making Dirt Pudding
Eating Dirt Pudding

Happy June everyone! I am so excited that summer is in full swing, even adjusting to my daughter’s increasingly late bedtime. We’ve been packing our days with kid-friendly activities–like making dirt pudding–and I haven’t had the opportunity to write about random things on the blog as of late, so here’s a smattering:

  • I just finished my first book in a long time. I found Empire Falls by Richard Russo on my bookshelf in April and have been chiseling away at it since then. I really enjoyed the setting–a small, dying Maine mill town, which reminded me of several beloved places in upstate New York–as well as the writing. I put off reading it several years ago after receiving it as a gift because I had just watched the HBO miniseries, but enough time has lapsed that I forgot most of the story’s details and enjoyed it in its original book format. Here’s hoping my book-a-month project starts up again.
  • Speaking of HBO, Steve and I watched the Liberace biopic last weekend. Good actors + very interesting story = well worth the time invested.
  • I am committing myself to becoming a better cook again. For inspiration, I am trying to sneak in a viewing of a Food Network show a few times a week. This week, Paula Deen made some really yummy-looking breakfast dishes that I would like to try this weekend. Kids sure don’t make you an inspired cook–there’s nothing like real food being passed over for frozen chicken nuggets to deplete any cooking mojo you may have had. But with our CSA in full swing, I would like to contribute to the nightly fare instead of relying on Steve all of the time.
  • Speaking of kitchen-related hobbies, I have been baking a bit more, and my daughter is coming around on baked goods. In fact, she enjoyed some Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Dough Balls I made today for her snack. I shouldn’t be as excited as I am about this development, because it certainty isn’t healthy, but her pure aversion to baked goods had me concerned! 🙂
  • Oh, and yes, you can record my first major sunburn of the season. Despite my best efforts to bathe in sunscreen prior to all major and minor outings, I missed my shoulders the other day and am currently peeling. *Sigh.* I avoid all sun on my face, but I can’t help but wear sleeveless tops when it’s ninety degrees outside. Alas, one sunburn is all that it takes to remind me that sunscreen has to be applied and reapplied throughout these sunny months.

I hope you are all enjoying summer as much as we are here.


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