Finished: Groovy!


I am not crafting much these days, but I got together with some creative friends over the weekend to tie-dye. It’s been on my crafting to-do list for some time, so it was thrilling to finally get to the project!

I am not sure if I’ve ever have tie-dyed using the traditional techniques before, but I am really impressed with the results of the kit we used (Jacquard via Amazon). By doing it as a group, we were invested in the finished product, so I think the items came out looking better than they would have if I did this alone. We gathered ALL of the necessary supplies, soaked the items in soda ash for longer than instructed (a good thing, I think), and gave ourselves ample time to let the dye set (twenty-four hours). The kit also came with an instructional DVD, which taught me the various tying techniques–brain, spiral, stripes, and bulls-eye.

Now my family will be outfitted for lots of fun and vibrant outings. Peace out!


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