Destination: Sea Cliff, NY



We kicked off summer travel season over the weekend, trekking to Sea Cliff, New York, a cute beach town on Long Island. This trip had been on our list for years, and now that the kids are a bit older, it was time to make the journey four hours north.

My brother-in-law’s longtime girlfriend is from Sea Cliff, and her parents own a gorgeous house in the one-square-mile village. The house has a beautiful view of the Long Island Sound, so we were able to experience the beauty of Sea Cliff without having to venture outside much. Unfortunately, the weekend weather wasn’t as ideal as we had hoped for, so we kept our exploring to the main town after our Saturday arrival.

Downtown Sea Cliff is full of beautiful Victorian homes and quaint shops. We popped into a local coffee house for some caffeine and Thai-inspired vegetarian sandwiches, which were delicious. Uncle Ricky and Aunt Emily got to fawn over Carson, who they hadn’t seen since Christmastime.


Nora met a family friend’s pet “dogs” during our downtown walk.


Later, we visited a neighboring beach and hit up the carnival. Despite rainy weather, Nora enjoyed several rides and her dad and uncle won quite a few small stuffed animals (and her affection!).


On Sunday, the kids experienced a real treat. Aunt Emily, an avid horse rider, took us to a horse farm. The kids were able to meet her horse, Blitz, and feed him carrots. Nora was a little skittish at first, but Carson adored the horses, especially when Aunt Emily rode him.







The four-hour jaunt got a little long toward the end of the drive home, so the kids enjoyed a stretch break at a rest stop in New Jersey. Nora was enamored with driving our car!


I am happy to report that this is just one of many trips for us this summer. Though it’s a lot of work to get the kids out and about for a weekend, it is well worth the hassle and exhaustion. Today I am thankful for my new stay-at-home mom status, as I unpack, clean, and grocery shop–byproducts of a busy weekend away from home!



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