Finished: Modge Podge Coasters


If there was ever a holiday that called for Pinterest-inspired gifts, it would be Mother’s Day. There’s nothing like giving your mom a handmade, less-than-perfect gift–even when you are thirty years old. I treasured the gifts my kids gave me this year, and I hope my mom appreciated the homespun gift I bestowed upon her.

For this Mother’s Day gift, I was inspired by some beautiful Asian-themed paper that I acquired for a home project in March. My parents just returned from a week-long trip to Hong Kong in April so it would be good timing to gift something with that aesthetic. In looking through my Pinterest account, I realized I had pinned Modge Podge coasters twice. So, with four white tiles, the decorative paper, Modge Podge, and felt, I made these architectural/dragon-themed coasters for my mom. Here’s the best tutorial I could find for the project.

The coasters turned out better than I imagined, and I was quite pleased to send them off to Idaho, along with an invitation to tea, which I’ll host when my parents visit in June. Happy Mother’s Day to my one-and-only mama!


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