Carson: Ten Months

Month ten of my son’s life seems to be the most significant one to date. Carson developed in such leaps and bounds that Steve and I keep referring to his “two month regression” that dominated February and March, when he ate and moved little. In this last month, he’s popped a few more teeth, begun to crawl, waved and clapped, discovered the pincer grasp, and now pulls himself up. Honestly, he’s had a new trick nearly every day of the month!


This little guy had me so worried that at the nine-month appointment, we actually had a laundry list of items to bring up with the pediatrician. The first concern of ours was his refusal to eat anything (even, at times, bottles). For months, Carson snubbed solid foods, and my attempt at getting him to try non-pureed foods like wagon wheels and Mum Mums was a bust as well. Even Carson’s well-seasoned daycare teacher was beyond frustrated with his complete disregard for food. Our ped suggested we ignore his eating aversion and to try some more salty foods with him like pretzel sticks and olives, items we never considered since giving salt to babies is what I considered a no-no.

Well, wouldn’t you know that Carson loves pretzel sticks? Within days of his well visit, the boy started eating. It started with pretzels, and then he discovered bananas with the help of a mesh feeder. Then, slowly, he munched on some diced chicken and even started nibbling graham crackers. Fast forward a few weeks, and he seems to eat anything in sight. We are bewildered by this progress, but not asking any questions. I guess Carson’s lesson to us is that he will get to it when he gets to it.


Now that he is eating, his physical development has progressed rapidly. For a boy who wouldn’t really roll at the beginning of April, this kid has come a long way. His mobility is very Carson-like; he can crawl, but he’s in no rush, so he generally only moves to get a toy nearby. He loves to pull up (something discovered this weekend) but can’t figure out how to get himself down yet. I’ll be looking for cruising in the next week or so.


It’s been amazing to watch this kid’s world expand in the last month. He is pleasant, excited, and more interactive than ever. What a great time to be home with him.

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