My Mother’s Year


We celebrated Mother’s Day with glorious spring weather, well-behaved children, and a relaxed attitude. My hubby (the best one in the world, I might add) spoiled me with fun small gifts, the family traveled to mommy-favorite Longwood Gardens, and we lunched at nearby P. F. Changs (a pretty family-friendly restaurant, I might add).


I have been in mommy euphoria this weekend, pinching myself since I am in disbelief that I actually walked away from my job on Friday. It’s been a dream of mine to stay at home with my kids at some point, and I am so proud that I finally jumped off the cliff and decided to be a stay-at-home mom. It’s open season in my life now; time to savor my family and let life evolve without the constraints of a corporate job.

Tomorrow feels like the first day of school–and the first day of a year I am devoting to figuring out what kind of balance I need to be a happy mother, wife, and person. Getting away from the stresses of my nine-to-five job will help me figure out what role I play in my (somewhat) new family dynamic.


Despite my state of awe and hope for personal growth, I can’t help but be a bit anxious to see how this week, and future ones, roll along. I did make my life a bit easier by keeping Nora in her familiar school routine on Monday and Tuesday mornings for the foreseeable future, so I avoid the risk of falling apart completely in this new routine by tomorrow night. I’ll be sure to post how this week goes.


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