Weekend Recap: Creating a Childhood


I forget what these nice-weather weekends are like until one sneaks up on us and we pack it in with activity. Between getting the garden going (my once-a-year chore), attending some local fairs and carnivals, and grilling outside, we couldn’t stop moving this weekend. The weather was so nice that I even got my first water ice of the season (in my favorite flavor, lemon).

Steve and I snickered tonight after we plopped ourselves on the couch once both kids were down that it’s exhausting creating childhoods for your children. Unlike those days in our twenties when, on Sundays, we would take a few hours outside and then leisurely engage in a hobby while watching the Phillies for the remainder of the day, we now spend all day every day out with the kids.

As soon as Nora wakes up she wants to go to the park and, at the end of the day, she rushes through her dinner to go back out to the park. Just tonight, after a day filled with Gymboree, a music festival, and a trip to a special playground, Nora and I were out after dinner practicing the peddling the tricycle. There are so many things to experience as a child  that these nice days require extra hours (which is why, I think, the kids aren’t settling down until well past 8:30 anymore).

These moments are fun to watch and experience as a parent, which makes the fried feeling okay on Sunday nights. Though we need a weekend to the weekend, life is so much sweeter with these little people in our family.


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