I took this shot last weekend. While it’s not so great of Nora, it says a lot about where we’re at these days. Those two kiddos of mine are playing together, making each other laugh, and having a great time. Carson loves to crawl to Nora’s dolls and Nora showers Carson with attention–especially when he’s sitting in his high chair and she can hang on the side of it like a monkey. And, the other thing this picture suggests is that there are quite a few toys that Steve and I pick up on a continual basis!  (Oh, and a quick aside: I am officially becoming my mother because I think the floor in both the living room and the kitchen are constantly sticky!)

In addition to the new combination of older baby and almost-preschooler in the house, the winds of change are sweeping through my life in big and small ways.

Obviously, the work transition weighs heavily on my mind right now, and I find each day at work to be full of weird emotions. I am trying to do some wrapping up of my job while also reaching out to beloved colleagues–both in my office and who freelance–to say farewell. While I tie up lose ends at my employer, I am also visualizing what the future will hold for me at home. I am sure my stay-at-home gig will evolve with every week that I am home, but I want to make sure to have a few plans in place for that first week so Nora and I don’t drive each other batty!

Of course, with this work change, not only will I be changing the location where I report for duty Monday through Friday, but my kids will have to adjust to their new routine too. Nora’s been in daycare since she was eight weeks old and Carson ten weeks old, so they will have an adjustment period while we determine the course of action for our laid-back summer. I even boldly quit Gymboree a few weeks ago, so we really don’t have much on our plates this summer aside from travel plans.

I have also been approached for a few new opportunities as of late and I am trying to evaluate how I want to spend my time this summer and fall. It’s hard to assess what my life will look like, so these proposals are tripping me up quite a bit. I hate to say no to open doors, but I also am reluctant to commit to anything right now. I am yearning for my free summer.

While I transition into my new role, I have observed there are many others making changes too. Although their decisions impact my life in smaller ways, those events feel significant to me right now. Siblings moving to a new city (congrats Connor and Kali!), friends looking for new employment opportunities, bloggers stepping away from their platforms to explore other avenues. I guess I am not the only one in the mood to see where the wind blows . . .


2 thoughts on “Perspectives”

  1. Great post Nat – Mini-brothers and sisters are special – based on multi-generational experience! And just a couple more thoughts? First, LinkedIn is your friend as far as those colleagues – it might sound corny or trite but I use it daily! Second, the floors here still get sticky – the list of suspects has been reduced however!

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