The Lifting Fog


First off, thank you to all of my friends and family members who continue to provide me with love from afar via this blog and other social media outlets regarding my work decision. I am especially grateful to two of my besties–Liss and Lisa–who are really skilled in the occupying children department and who always provide me with helpful advice. I promise to pay back all of this wisdom in the future (if I can!).

We had an awesome weekend around these parts. Awesome because it consisted of nothing spectacular. We stuck to a modest weekend budget and had fun in and around the house. The weather couldn’t have been nicer, so we spent many hours at the park and even gave our new (to us) bike trailer a test run. We also organized closets and cooked some tasty meals. (I am super-obsessed with quinoa right now . . . late to the party, I know, but sure glad I finally got there!)

Steve remarked that I seem so much more energetic now that I’ve made the work decision, and he finds it funny that I am so much more full of life even though I am still showing up for work each day. It is odd that by just knowing that I am going to leave the fog that had been weighing me down for so many months has disappeared. I wish I had made this decision sooner, though I am glad to have waited until we had beautiful weather to enjoy.

Now that the work burden has lifted, I am back to enjoying some crafting, cooking, and reading. The above graphic is something I made for the mantel using that new Martha Stewart app I wrote about a few weeks ago.


3 thoughts on “The Lifting Fog”

  1. Dadly response? Any great decision includes thinking “Why didn’t I do this sooner”, but it just doesn’t work out that way! Congrats on a great one!

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