Life in the Fishbowl

moving-onTo remind myself in months and years to come of my first real job, I snapped this picture overlooking my office view. I realized that I’ve been living in a fishbowl for the last eight years. While I am lucky to have a window office, there is nothing worse than staring at the expressway day in and day out and watching trees change with the seasons while I watch life pass by.

I’ve gotten married, bought a house, and gestated two children during my stay at this job, but when I enter the office doors time feels suspended. I could still be twenty-two in this office, eager for my professional life to begin. Instead, I am thirty, waiting to get out and looking forward to watching the trees change on long walks with my kids.

I am sure I’ll miss parts of corporate life and, when it’s time for me to re-enter it, I will be as excited to start a new job as I am to start my life as a stay-at-home mom. I was once excited to start this job too, but this picture is a reminder of how eager I am to begin this new life chapter.


1 thought on “Life in the Fishbowl”

  1. New beginnings are always exciting. You should be proud of your work for the company– you helped pursue a good mission there.

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