My Next Chapter

“You Can’t Start the Next Chapter of Your Life If You Keep Re-Reading the Last One.”

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For two and a half years, I have been a working mother. I stayed at my full-time job after Nora’s birth because we needed the money and I enjoyed the work, and I returned back to work after Carson because I needed the adult interaction after a difficult recovery from childbirth.

And now, after nearly thirty-one months as a working mom, I am stepping away from the workforce.

This decision has been agonizing. I have toiled over it since Christmas, when I started to question whether holding my current job was worth feeling stressed on Christmas Eve or being depressed when my week-plus-long break with the kids came to a close in January. I have noodled the idea with my husband, my mom, my friends, and even complete strangers who I meet at the park or at Gymboree.

Even though I have been feeling the strong pull to make a change since early winter, I decided to hang on until spring, when the weather is nicer and the idea of transitioning from a hectic work pace to a kid-centric one might be more natural. We’ve added a lot of vacations to our summer docket to keep the mood light and fun while we all get used to the new routine. Nora will attend preschool in the fall and I will get an entire year to enjoy my baby boy (who will be a toddler, I know, but please humor me!).

I told my boss of my plans today, so now it’s official. After so many months of planning for this, I am excited, joyous, nervous, and, most importantly, grateful. I am grateful for the opportunity I gave myself to be a working mom for a few years, and I am grateful to my husband who is willing to work with me on my desire to be at home for the next chapter in my life. I am grateful to have this choice and to test the waters as a stay-at-home mom while my children are still small.

During my months of crowdsourcing, no women I know with adult children who stayed at home with their young kids have said I will regret this decision. I sure hope they’re right.


8 thoughts on “My Next Chapter”

    1. Sherri,

      How funny that we’re both making changes right now. Congrats to you! Is it the weather prompting the change?

      Yes, I am scared about the paycheck, but right now we’ve got two littles in full-time daycare in the Northeast, which you know is super pricey. Hoping we can save by having more time to make lists before we go to the grocery store and finding kid-related things on Craigslist.

      1. Work is slow this time of year so it was just good timing. Boss suggested it for all of us. I don’t think it’s going to last too long, but we’ll see. I can’t imagine paying for full time day care. Finn’s two days of preschool puts a wrench in things as it is. LISTS – love them!

  1. One of the things that I admire about you is that you take the time to reflect and assess along each step of the way. If something’s not working, you change it! Looking forward to all you discover during this phase. ❤

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