Our Technology Upgrade and Why I Still Love Martha Stewart

If you’ve been following along with me for the last few months, it’s evident that Steve and I are reworking our spatial relations at home. Since we’ll be sticking around in our 1,400-square-foot house for at least another year or two, we’ve been examining the ways we can consolidate our stuff to make more room for ourselves. With two adults, two children, and two cats, things can get tight at times.


Last week, we decided to get rid of our PC laptop, which, much to our chagrin, had started displaying the blue screen of death just about every time we used it. We recently removed everything on the computer and reformatted the hard drive, so this development was discouraging. After consulting with many of our tech-savvy friends, we decided to get rid of the PC and replace it with an iPad mini, completing our transition to being an all-Apple family. (It’s a little embarrassing to admit that we have two iPads–one mini and one regular, one Mac Book, and iPhones, but we live in the modern age and Steve and I love being up-to-date on technological developments; blame my dad and Steve’s job!)


With this new iPad came my hope that we could replace our printer with a wireless one so we could print with ease from all of our devices. I called my dad, printer expert, and put in a request for him to find us a color laser printer that could print wirelessly. I did not ask him to purchase it, but my dad, ever the bargain hunter and lover of all-things-technology, gifted us this beautiful HP LaserJet Pro 200. It was a breeze to set up and now we’re able to print from all of our Apple devices!


With this technology upgrade, I am determined to use my iPad mini to not only absorb information–via blogs, e-mail, Flipboard, etc., but also to create on the device. Having recently noticed the Martha Stewart CraftStudio app at Snapfish, I decided to download it (it’s only $4.99) and give it a try. I am so glad I did! This app is amazing. It’s an entire scrapbooking studio for $4.99 (with upgrades for only $1.99) that facilitates my crafting needs while taking up no physical room at home. I can print projects with our new printer or upload them to Snapfish (ideal for photos, I am realizing).

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The app inspired me to get to work on Carson’s one-year scrapbook, which I have not kept up as I would have liked. So far, I am having a blast working away at this at night while Nora winds down with some Pajanimals.

New iPad mini + new color printer + new Martha Stewart scrapbooking app = a fun way for a tired mommy with limited space to get her craft fix.



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