Finished: Kitchen Refresh


Humor me while I share my last post about the downstairs of our house. I am always reluctant to share pictures of my home because it pales in comparison to many other talented designers and well-off folks, but for my friends and family far away, it’s a way to share my latest attempt at making a cozy home.

Our kitchen has gone through various transformations over the last six years. When we moved in, the kitchen was the same dark purple as our powder room, and it had to go. I picked out an avocado-y color and even put up a (God awful) border to try to balance the floral and fruit tile installed by the previous owner. I took down the border and painted two of the walls our living room’s Parchment color in 2008, which vastly improved the space. In 2009, we added a dishwasher, a new light fixture, rich laminate flooring, and an awesome kitchen island and removed the vertical blinds on the sliding glass doors, replacing them with bold orange/burgundy curtains–these things changed the room entirely for the better. Last year, we  added open shelving to the kitchen, which helped with storage issues since we had to depart with our dearly beloved island to make room for a kitchen table when Nora got old enough to eat table food.IMG_1492

This year, we finally got rid of the green paint I selected for the room six years ago that I have been hoping to paint over for years but never got around to doing. Inspired by our lovely, circa-2009 curtains, Steve and I selected Habenero by Benjamin Moore, a creamy orange-red. Upon painting this on the wall, the room instantly got more cheery. I also added some new accents with honeycomb patterns–supposedly the “it” print for this year (say goodbye, chevron). To add more color and warmth, I transferred my cookbook collection from a dark lonely bookcase to the open shelving. All of a sudden, Steve and I are utilizing them again too, an added bonus of the decor switcharoo.


These cosmetic changes provide a new feel in our kitchen with very little investment–definitely worth the few hours of effort!



5 thoughts on “Finished: Kitchen Refresh”

  1. Oh, I also wanted to say this: I have been in entirely-dumpster-dived-cottages, cozy thrifty family bungalows, slick city lofts, and the mansions of Fortune-500 Executives. The homes that contain possessions that were collected, curated, d.i.y., thrifted, and hand-me down, are much more delightful to spend time in. A mix of high/low (well, mostly low with a couple of punches of high 🙂 ) feel so much more personal and inviting than a home full of high end furniture/Stock Art/Priceless Objets. Seriously. Your home is beautiful, useful, lived-in, and so YOU, especially since your recent changes. I love it.

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