Finished: Living Room Accents

IMG_1531For the last several months, I have been convinced that we needed to repaint our downstairs to make it feel cleaner, newer, and more cheery. I had prepped Steve for the big project for weeks and even picked out this gorgeous Alaskan Skies paint color via Young House Love.

Years ago, when we moved into the house, we selected Martha Stewart’s Parchment for the walls. At the time, I had no idea what color would look best in what room but I went ahead and selecting colors I liked well enough for the walls. For the last six years I have considered the color to be okay, though I always wish for a brighter room. I was sure that a new paint color would give us the bright and hopeful room I had always imagined.

Well, a week before we began the project, I painted a small portion of a wall with a sample can of the Alaskan Skies paint and had a realization. The color, while very pretty, would only give our walls a new color–not magically brighten the room as I had hoped. See, we live in a twin and two of the four windows in the room face north, the worst direction for natural sunlight in the house. Two of the windows face east, so in the morning it’s nice and bright, but there is no way that the room will ever be filled with sun–unless we knock out the ceiling and get light from our bedroom!

So, much to Steve’s delight, I decided that the best way to freshen up our living room would be to add new decor and paint the accent wall from blue to green. I studied Pinterest and Pottery Barn for days in selecting a new look for the room and planned the accents around the beautiful navy/indigo lattice curtains I bought at Lowes last fall.

I’ll show you fuller pictures of some of our updates later in the week (once I have time to access photos from the camera), but the pic above gives you a glimpse of our new additions to the room. For now, I’ll let you know what we did:

  • We painted our accent wall Antique Moss (via Eddie Bauer colors at Lowes) replacing the much-loved but somewhat tired Bayside blue.
  • We added a larger rug to the room (8 x 11), which we purchased at Lowes. It’s classic, neutral, and gives the room a much more cozy vibe while opening up the space.
  • We hung new pictures and a new mirror on the main wall. I found some lovely botanical prints at Ikea that I framed in their cheap and simple Ribba frames. The new mirror came from HomeGoods and was a mere $30!
  • I added some old favorite pictures to the east-facing wall that my mom gave to me some time ago. We picked up the prints during a mother-daughter trip to Willimsburg when I was fifteen and they used to hang in my parents’ house.
  • I reframed the kids’ most recent pictures using the Ikea Ribba frames and created a grid on the wall going up the stairs. I replaced this big sun mirror since I started to worry it would fall on one of the kids if they ever came crashing down the stairs.
  • I decorated the top of our media center with our favorite coffee table books and some knick-knacks. I’ll post a pic of it later–it definitely mimics a Pottery Barn look.

These little changes in the room have polished up our main living space quite nicely. It’s a much more serene and adult look–exactly what I was going for in there!


5 thoughts on “Finished: Living Room Accents”

    1. Thanks! I finally discovered that Lowes has a great and affordable curtain section when I designed Carson’s room last year. A good way to inject some new life into a room!

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