Finished: The Powder Room


I tackled the powder room last weekend. As I said, I have embraced the plumy-purple walls painted by the previous owners and even still enjoy the wallpaper we put up in 2006, when I knew nothing about decorating (and before blogs like Design*Sponge, Young House Love, and Apartment Therapy existed!). When I added the wallpaper, the too-large half bathroom became much more cozy, and we embraced an Eastern theme, adding Buddha and lotus flower accents. However, as the years went by, I started adding different elements and the bathroom became a hodge podge of knick-knacks, a repository for weird soaps, and the main elements showcased were the baby wipes and training potty. Sad but true.


In my latest stab at the powder room, I re-embraced a theme, going for a global theme so I could incorporate some beautiful souvenirs picked up by friends and family in their travels. I also made sure to incorporate enough storage to hide the needed bathroom supplies for my kiddos.

The finished effect is polished and calming. One room finished!


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