My New Decorating Strategy (The Thirty-Year-Old Edition)


March is a bridge month. In like a lion and out like a lamb, as the saying goes. We’re leaning more on the out like a lion side of things this year, so I’ve been super focused on redecorating my house to distract myself from the cruddy weather outside.

As I mentioned earlier, we’ve committed to our house for another year or two, so I’ve decided to concentrate some energy and dollars toward sprucing up the old abode. I’ve decided to shell out the necessary money to decorate the right way–something I think that has come with turning thirty. Out with the first apartment decor and furniture, and in with things that really work for our current space–as long as it conforms to my current spending threshold.  I like to call that threshold “What Nat thinks it should cost,” which guides many of our larger-scale purchases. (As a side note, I hope my forties lead to the funds to really rehaul rooms in the next house, designing extravagant kitchens, bathrooms, and outdoor spaces. A girl can dream, though I bet my frugal nature will scale down those plans too, if they ever materialize.)

We’ve lived in our house for more than six years now and in that time many of the rooms have been tweaked haphazardly. In this redecorating sweep, I’ve noticed that things I have added “here and there” really don’t work where they were placed. Decorating is somewhat of an art form, I am realizing–there’s a method to the madness.

I initially wanted to repaint the entire first floor, an undertaking that my loving and very understanding husband was willing to do. However, after staring at our walls for the last few weeks, I realized that I actually like many of the colors in the downstairs, even the purple bathroom we inherited from the last owners. What the house needs is some re-accessorizing and a few new accent walls. Lucky Steve! (Note to project-crazy wives/partners like me: create huge expectations for your spouse/partner and then slowly scale them down over time–it leads to much more agreement on minor things like curtain selecting, picture hanging, and accent-wall painting.)

Come back for the next few weeks to see how this new strategies applies to the (few) rooms in our house.


7 thoughts on “My New Decorating Strategy (The Thirty-Year-Old Edition)”

    1. But it’s the stuff that you have that I love and the vibe it exudes! I swear you turned me on to lattice/patterned curtains subconsciously!

  1. 🙂 I LOVE the navy ones you picked out. Looking forward to seeing them in person some time. You are inspiring me to actually put some of my latest ideas into play.

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