Weekend Recap: An Easter Egg Hunt, Wintry Weather, and Room Rehab


It’s been a great weekend full of wonderful happenings, including attending our neighborhood Easter egg hunt Saturday morning, catching up with longtime friends Saturday afternoon, and working like a dog to get the house redecorated.

Nora enjoyed finding Easter eggs in the local park, though she did not like the presence of the Easter bunny, who arrived in the neighborhood fire truck. As we experienced at Disney World, Nora is not really a fan of costumed characters. However, she stuck through the event long enough to collect some booty, and we’ve been enjoying her findings all weekend long.

My college BFF visited Saturday afternoon to see the kids and catch up on life. We don’t stay in touch as much as I would like now that I am a mom of two rug rats, so it was a pleasure to have a long chat with her (and her boyfriend) all Saturday afternoon. Both of our visitors entertained our children and tired them out–Nora slept better than she has in weeks that night!

I blew up my Pinterest account this weekend, pinning lots of living room decorating ideas. We refinanced recently and have committed to staying in our house for at least another year, so I am determined to spruce the place up in the coming weeks. I also tackled our half bathroom, scrubbing it down and adding some fun new elements to the room, and my redecorating fever culminated today with a massive shopping trip and an afternoon craft project–more on these happenings later this week!

I hope you enjoyed your weekend as much as I did mine. We’re making the best of still-frigid temperatures and cleaning, purging, and decorating the old barn in the final weeks of house-bound weather.


3 thoughts on “Weekend Recap: An Easter Egg Hunt, Wintry Weather, and Room Rehab”

    1. Cathy–

      I agree with you about Pinterest, but it’s great when you need some instant inspiration!

      Referencing it on my iPhone as I type this, trying to decide on a new accent wall for the living room. 🙂

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