Pining for Change


On Sunday, Steve cooked a St. Patty’s dinner. The kids and I kept busy in the kitchen while he finished the meal. I got out the Play Doh and even Carson got in on the fun! He never puts things in his mouth, so I kept close watch on him and he thoroughly enjoyed smashing the colorful dough between his fingers. He’s so tactile these days.


Even though the Play Doh time was fun, I can’t help but pine for warmer weather when we can be outside at the park playing on Sunday afternoon. We’ve had a chilly March and Disney gave me a taste of seventy-degree temps, so I am increasingly impatient for our seasonal change. Plus, I am a little whiny about Easter being so early this year–will it be warm enough for an egg hunt?!

Soon enough flowers will be blooming and the trees will be budding, but today I really would like to see some signs of spring. Now that I have kids, warmer temperatures mean even more fun and more opportunity to wear those little bodies out for earlier bedtimes and more sound sleep.


4 thoughts on “Pining for Change”

  1. What a wonderful post..Playdoh is so great! Believe it or not, my granddaughter got constant earaches. When she and my daughter came over to use our pool, I watched in horror as my granddaughter put Playdoh in her ears! My daughter laughed and told me that it works better than earplugs and the doctor recommended it!

    1. Oh no! Snow be gone! We’re still very chilly down here in PA, but no significant snowfall predicted! Thank goodness!

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