Carson: Eight Months

Not that you were expecting it, but I should have posted Carson’s eight-month write up last week. However, we were under siege at the house, battling lots of germs–particularly Carson’s. Now that we’re back in shape at home, I’m ready to let you know all about my little man!

Month eight kicked our butts, honestly! Carson, once a very reliable sleeper and a very easy-going guy, is waking up for parties in the middle of the night and getting pretty vocal about his opinions. The first, and most important order of business to him, is that mommy should be in his line of sight at all times. Dada and Nora can be good distractions from time to time, but mommy (or, at school, Miss Faye) is number one.

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Carson loves to play with balls, rattles, and other toys and has been rocking on his tushie and starting to spin circles when seated to reach for things that interest him. He’s yet to roll much or get up into a sitting position, but he’s really considering mobility.

The little guy is also driving us nuts with his sudden pickiness with foods. He’s never been a huge fan of the pureed foods, but lately he won’t let a spoon go near his mouth. He’s not very interested in putting items in his mouth either, so we’re strategizing on how to get him eating more variety. Nora likes to give him puffs, though she remarked to me one day “Carson play with puffs like toy.” Hmm.

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We were excited to finally get Carse on his first plane ride, when we traveled to Disney World a few weeks ago. Just like his sister, he was perfect on the plane, which we were very grateful for, since travel is really important to us. Carson isn’t quite the ham his sister is–no big smiles for the camera from him! He did get to meet Pluto, Minnie, and the cast of Monsters, Inc. all by himself though.

This guy is changing fast, so we’ll see what the nine-month update brings. I can’t believe that I am typing that–he’s on his way to nine months already?!

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6 thoughts on “Carson: Eight Months”

  1. LOVE the picture of him on the couch. SO adorable. There’s something about a baby in a onesie that just gets me. He looks pretty happy. Good work Mommy!

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