Good Weekend and a New Blog Look


After a depressing post Friday, I am happy to report we’ve bounced back and made the most of a brief, two-day weekend. We played, ate, conversed with friends, celebrated St. Patty’s day, planned our downstairs painting project, got pictures of Carson taken, and visited a new baby.

And I also revamped my blog! Here are some highlights:

  • A new banner. I hope you like it. The picture of the kids is my absolute favorite of the two of them that we’ve captured to date.
  • An expanded About page. I like the new color scheme and black-and-white photo treatment on my banner, so I carried it over there.
  • An updated blog roll. Panicked with the closure of Google Reader, I made sure to add my favorite sites and blogs, mostly for my own reference.
  • New energy. I hope to share more about my family, write more about larger cultural issues, and document some more craft projects, once I begin creating again!

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