That Damn Knock-on-Wood Jinx

<IMAGINE CHAOTIC PICTURE OF HOME HERE–I don’t dare take a picture!>

Just last week I was remarking to myself (and maybe to others, I recall) that the family had been relatively healthy as of late. For the most part, we have escaped major illness in the last few months. I must have jinxed myself. (Maybe it was also because after two extra days at home last week I felt so together.)

No sooner had I jogged that thought, Carson and I both came down with illness that turned this week into a miserable one at the house. Carson’s been on various ointments for eye boogers all week, drooling through multiple shirts a day, and ridiculously moody for at least two weeks. And I seem to have developed a pattern of fevers this winter. I just battled five days of fever and horrible sore throat that led me to the doctor and a round of antibiotics.

And, just as I was beginning to feel better, I read that Google Reader has been shuttered. (This, to me, is worth jumping off a cliff!)

I hope to pick myself off the floor this weekend and be full of bounce again soon. I am chomping at the bit to paint and redecorate downstairs, so maybe I can get pulled into that project and forget my troubles. How fondly I remember those sew-a-project-in-a-weekend days that could pick up my mood in an instant. Must find a way to do projects despite the little children!


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