A Quiet Day at Home
A Quiet Day at Home

So many of you commented or reached out to me about my post on time. Thank you! It’s good to know lots of people (particularly other moms) feel stretched thin.

Yesterday I enjoyed a day of purging the closets in our house. I am proud (and also horrified?!) that I filled up eight trash bags of clothes to donate to Purple Heart. I used to be much more on top of our closets, but with the addition of the babes in the last few years, sorting through old stuff hasn’t happened as much as it needs to.

I also had the great pleasure of seeing a lot of my girlfriends yesterday, which is a hugely rejuvenating activity. There’s nothing like connecting with fun and thoughtful people. Between a lovely coffee date and a dessert night out, I feel much more in tune with the wonderful women  in my life.

The kids are home with me today. We’re having a lot of fun puttering around, sampling various activities around the house. The vacation really wiped me out, so this is the recharge that I–and the kids–needed!


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