Disney Rundown

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We’re back from Disney World! Never have I been so tired. One seven month old + one two-year-old + vacation to the most magical place on earth = tired parents. But, as Steve would agree, it was totally worth the work.232323232%7Ffp543;7)nu=325 )562)446)WSNRCG=38985 43232 nu0mrj

Here are the trip highlights in a nutshell: staying at the AMAZING Boardwalk Hotel, which is a ten-minute walk to the back of Epcot (in the middle of the World Showcase) and a fifteen-minute walk to Hollywood Studios; watching Nora eat up every word said during the Magic Kingdom performances in front of Cindarella’s Castle (how dare Donald not believe in dreams?!); enjoying some delicious meals–the faves were dinner at the Rose and Crown in the U.K. of Epcot and breakfast at Kouzzina (Cat Cora’s restaurant on the boardwalk); meeting characters like Mickey, Cinderella, and Sullivan (from Monsters, Inc.); getting time to snuggle with my little baby who’s getting too old already, and exposing Nora to some classic rides–Jungle Cruise, anyone?232323232%7Ffp734 )nu=325 )562)446)WSNRCG=389858579;32 nu0mrj

We had our share of lowlights, mainly related to the fact that we were traveling with an infant and a toddler. Though the kids’ behavior wasn’t always perfect, I am sure we won’t remember the meltdowns in a few years. I don’t really like extrapolating on Nora tantrums often, because they are part of being a two-year-old, but I did feel sorry for her a few times when some of her basic childhood fears (the dark, characters in costume) got the best of her.232323232%7Ffp5435 )nu=325 )562)446)WSNRCG=38985 3(832 nu0mrj

The weather was beautiful for our first few days but then got chilly on Friday and Saturday, forcing us to abandon shorts and t-shirts for jeans and sweatshirts. Carson scored a new sweatsuit out of the deal and we abandoned swimming on our itinerary, which was fine since our hotel’s pool was closed.232323232%7Ffp7349;)nu=325 )562)446)WSNRCG=38985 52(432 nu0mrj

Nora’s favorite moments were, as I said earlier, watching the show in front of Cinderella’s castle, seeing Boo and the rest of the Monsters, Inc. characters in the Hollywood Studios Pixar parade, riding the Jungle Cruise, dancing to the rock band (with a bagpipe!) in Canada at Epcot, and shopping. The girl came home with a lot of prizes, including figurines, a Princess shirt, new Crocs, and a cute baby Boo stuffed doll. 232323232%7Ffp54372)nu=325 )562)446)WSNRCG=38985 534232 nu0mrj

Steve and I organized ourselves every day quite well, coordinating our efforts in the diapering, feeding, and child managing as best as possible. Our adult time came on Friday morning when both kids snoozed long enough for us to drink alcohol around the world at Epcot. I enjoyed my 11 a.m. margarita in Mexico and Steve downed several beers from then until noon when the kids woke up and needed us.232323232%7Ffp54398)nu=325 )562)446)WSNRCG=38985857 432 nu0mrj

I’m sure I’ll write more this week on the trip, but I wanted to provide a glimpse of our fun family vacation. Thanks to many of you for “liking” our Instagram pics and getting in touch with us via Twitter. It made some long nights enjoyable!232323232%7Ffp73485)nu=325 )562)446)WSNRCG=38985935;932 nu0mrj


2 thoughts on “Disney Rundown”

  1. How CAN Donald not believe in dreams? Come on. I forgot Anne told me that you were a blogger and crafty and that we were sure to be friends. 🙂

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