Weekend Recap: I Heart Ikea, Nora’s Room, and Baby Teeth

After six months of no weekends together, Steve and I have made the most of our last two full weekends.

This one was a doozy.

It began Friday with a lunchtime run to Ikea.

It ended Sunday night when we went into our bedroom and NO KIDS were sleeping there!


Nora has a bedroom of her own (ironically, in the same yellow room we painted and arranged for her nursery, which was rejected throughout her infant years).

IMG_1297Carson has a room of his own, we have a hallway office, and our downstairs is much less cluttered with toys!


Oh, and this cute baby here is teething like a mo-fo. Can I please have an explanation as to why his first tooth is a bottom canine tooth? Can we give this little guy (and his parents) a break?!


2 thoughts on “Weekend Recap: I Heart Ikea, Nora’s Room, and Baby Teeth”

  1. Good stuff! Love the idea to put the office in the upstairs hallway. And I spy the same “steamboat willie” mickey that lives in our house, too!

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