Finished: Valentine’s Gifts

Love inspires me. For the first time in months, I completed a few fun craft projects, likely because they were for some of my favorite people in the world!

Here’s a closer look at the shirt I gave Steve for Valentine’s Day:


I was cruising the aisles at Michaels a month or so ago and got inspired to make Steve a shirt. I love neon colors (I was an eighties child!) and wanted to give something to Steve that declared my love for him. So, iron on letters + neon yellow shirt = perfect Valentine for my hubby. Don’t you agree?

I gifted Nora a personalized ABC book that I made on Snapfish.


The cover features the pictures that accompany the first three letters of the book: A is for Abe, B is for balloons, and C is for Count. Since she’s mastered her colors and is fairly good at counting, I am sure she’ll get obsessed with letters and learning the alphabet soon, so this will come in handy.

We had such a nice Valentine’s Day at home. Steve and I exchanged small gifts with one another, but the biggest present is coming soon: our trip to Disney World! Let the countdown begin!


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