Carson: Seven Months


Today, Mr. Carson turns seven months–it’s also the day his daddy turns 31. I may be a bit freakish in my obsession with numbers and dates, but I think that there is something cosmically nice about father and son sharing birthdays on the twelfth of the month. (I also love that Nora held out for a Libra birthday and that my kids will always have birthdays on the same day of the week. Yes, I am weird.)

My guy’s personality is budding now that he’s on the downward slope of one. He’s a serene dude; as my mom says, he loves life. Rather than fuss or cry, he observes. Steve laughs at how he never lets us know when he has a diaper that needs to be changed or when a hat is covering his eyes. He doesn’t want to trouble us.

Though he’s laid back, he’s a talker, practicing his vowels; he’s a laugher, particuarly when his sister does something hi-lar-i-ous; and he’s a smiler–just yesterday I picked him up from a daycare and he was smiling his big smile (sometimes Steve calls it a double smile because it’s so big) with a big poop in the diaper! He’s also a grabber. Nora and I have to be careful with our hair, lest we want to have less of it once he gets a hold of it. I’ve taken to wearing ponytails nearly everyday while we combat Grabby McGraberson.


Carson has yet to commit to rolling over; it really fits his not-in-a-rush calm personality. He’s great at sitting up and loves to reach for toys, sometimes even pushing them farther away so he can work to get them. He loves his baby toys now, and it’s fun to watch him interact with them hour upon hour. This kid knows how to entertain himself.

He’s doing much better in the eating department these days. His favorite purees are the apple and banana combo and he absolutely adores mango. Like his sis, he’s not too keen on veggies, so I am not pushing them too hard (I kind of know it’s a lost cause at the moment). I’m still nursing just as much as I was a few months ago, but once we get him on some grains or protein, that will likely change.


Life has become much easier at home now that Carson is going to bed promptly at seven p.m. He’s a good sleeper, generally only waking one time a night. He is teething pretty bad right now though, so there have been a few nights that I’ve been up multiple times (like when his dad was gone for ten nights!).

My parents visit was a great time to keep the little guy home from daycare and cure his runny nose and sneezes. We had fun taking him to the children’s museum–he participated for the first time! I realize Disney will be a blast with him; he’s aware enough of his surroundings that he’ll enjoy the new scenery.

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