Finished: Felt Valentine Envelopes


I recently started following The Crafty Collaborative blog. Over the weekend, it posted a review of a cute (and easy) Valentine’s Day project: felt valentine envelopes. I wanted to do something handmade for the kids this Valentine’s Day, and this looked like the perfect cute and not-too-time-consuming project.

I gathered my materials yesterday and made my envelopes for Nora and Carson in less than an hour. I purchased 36 by 36 inch felt squares, since white and red felt are always in demand at the house. I also purchased some felt heart garland, a few felt stickers, and some glitter glue. I relied on the hot glue gun to seal the edges of the envelope and used my pinking blade on the rotary cutter to edge the envelope.  Oh, and I glued a few pieces of Velcro to seal the envelope. To hang the envelopes, I used red cording that I had on hand. All in all, the project cost about $10, and I have plenty of leftover supplies.

These turned out so cute and I hope we can use them for years to come. I am a lover of the little-somethings on Valentine’s Day, and I have been gathering some gifts for the kids for the last few weeks. I’ll add some candy and some handmade love notes in these envelopes and have them waiting for Nora and Carson on Thursday morning.


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