Retail Therapy, Mom Edition

I’ve hit the winter doldrums. It’s constantly gray and cloudy outside. It’s cold. It’s snowing a few times a week. I stare out the window of my office and try to imagine leaves budding on the trees. Spring can’t be too far off, right? (And thank goodness I’ll get a dose of summer soon when we visit Disney World at the end of the month!)

In the meantime, I am flexing my plastic and treating myself to a few new things to avoid winter depression.

Yesterday I bought a new small diaper bag for our upcoming trip and for the warmer months ahead when we’re out and about more. I never bought a diaper bag when Carson came (the one I made and used for Nora is now destroyed) and have been using some free bags from Steve’s work. However, the one we use currently is hugely bulky and impossible to cram underneath the undercarriage of the stroller. And now that Nora’s nearly 100 percent out of diapers, I thought it would be a good time to transition to a smaller mom-on-the-go bag.

After hunting online, I stumbled across this cute diaper bag from Lands’ End:


It’s the Little Tripper Diaper Bag. It’s navy with a cute print. It’s small but full of pockets. It can be worn across the chest. It’s perfect (I hope!). I read this review of it on Babble, which convinced me it was time to buy it. I even sprung for a monogram (you know, for my somewhat preppy tastes).

While this doesn’t make winter any less bad, at least I can imagine the warm and sunny days ahead when I tote this cute little mom accessory around with the kiddos.


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