On Our Own

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My creative energy has taken a nosedive as of late and I have not taken a picture of my adorable children in a week or so! This one is from a few Saturdays ago when the kids and I were holding down the fort at home while Steve worked the weekend away.

I’ll get back into my groove documenting our life soon, likely after we survive the next week. Steve left on a business trip Saturday and isn’t set to return home until next Monday night. Thankfully, my lovely and helpful mother has arrived and is spoiling my children tremendously during this hard week. And I am working, of course . . .

On an unrelated note, I’m starting to consider home projects for the spring when Steve returns and winds down at work for a bit. I would love to paint our downstairs, but I am torn on what direction to go. It seems as though the big trend of the moment is stark wall color–mostly whites, off whites, and grays. A majority of the walls in my home are saturated colors, so I am really on the fence about whether I want to follow the lead of my favorite design blogs or if I want to stay true to my color-loving self. What a conundrum!


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