Carson: Six Months


On Saturday, Carson marked his half birthday. While there was no cake to celebrate, he was in a fantastic mood (as always), smiling the day away while I dragged him to Nora’s Gymboree class and the grocery store.

This kid is so chill–a contrast to his high-intensity sister. Just today, we found him awake and quiet in his bedroom–he finds very little reason to cry or raise his voice. That being said, he is not perfect–the week my brother and his girlfriend visited he was a bit of a hellion.

Carson continues to grow and develop, sitting up independently and rolling from tummy to back were a few things he learned in the last month. It’s been a bit of a slow go with his food intake, but he seems to be a fan of pears and bananas and has swallowed a few bites of those rather than let it slide down his face and bib like he has done with other vegetables and fruit. We’re anticipating that the pediatrician will give us the go ahead to start with yogurt, and I’m sure he’ll like that.


Carson is beginning to play with toys and reaches out to touch everything in his path. He received some great gifts for Christmas, including the firehouse and car in the background of this pic that makes noise when you send the car down a ladder path. He loves the noises in the toy! We were excited that Carson received lots of toys that he can call his own, since it appears his sister is not too keen on sharing hers.

Nora and Carson are obsessed with each other, both smiling widely when one of them notices the other. Carson has the great fortune (and misfortune?) of having two mommies in the house–myself and Nora. He’s well taken care of and watched very closely!


I am emotional with reaching this six-month mark but very excited to watch Carson become an eater, a mover, and a talker in the next six months. It is a privilege to watch a child grow.


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