Weekend Happenings and More Thoughts about 2013

Just finished adding the final ingredients to the Sweet Potato Chili I posted about several months ago. Poured myself a glass of red wine. Kids and hubby are at the park. Watching the last few minutes of the Colts/Ravens game. It’s a January Sunday.

The weekend flew by with long overdue social gatherings. With illness invading our house for most of November and December, I became very out of touch with some of my favorite people. I am looking to reconnect early in 2013 with all those I have missed dearly.


Today’s other events: Nora hosted an impromtu tea party this morning, and Carson’s sporting his adorable new outwear, courtesy of his aunt and uncle (Stino, if you are reading this, please send me a link to the Etsy store/website wear these can be purchased so I can add it here!). We’ve booked some reservations at restaurants during our Disney vacation. We’re contemplating some big changes in 2013 as well. Steve’s always good about breaking my intensity though, so he’s not letting me get to lost in the possibilities right now . . . thank goodness I married a level-headed guy!


One of my resolutions is to watch good TV this year (not really too serious a resolution I realize, but an easy way for me to keep some time for myself in this busy baby year). That resolution begins tonight–Downton Abbey season three premieres! I may catch some of it tomorrow though; the first episode is two hours and there is no way I can stay up until eleven tonight. We also need to carve out time for Homeland–Steve bought me season one on Blu-Ray.


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