New Year, New Goals


We rang in the new year at home, celebrating with a delicious meal and champagne. The kids gave us a night to remember–or forget. We barely slept, and my first goal/hope of 2013 came to a screeching halt at about five this morning. After a crappy year of health in 2012, I was really hoping to have an uneventful year of health in 2013. That was not to be! Carson’s jazz hands raked my eye this morning and scratched my cornea. Thankfully, I was able to talk to a doctor at my practice and get a prescription to alleviate the pain in my eye. All should be healed in the next few days.

Despite this minor setback, I am really hoping to stay healthy in 2013. Though I don’t have complete control over this, I plan to keep up my (mostly) healthy eating in 2013 and try to get adequate rest and reduce stress in my life.

In the spirit of reducing stress and finding “joy in the journey,” Steve and I just booked a very exciting vacation to Disney World at the end of February to commemorate the end of this year’s football season. It will be a vacation for just our family of four. We are trying to replicate the fun trip we took with Nora to Disney World in 2010.

My other goals this year (which I plan to start working on this month) are to read more, craft more, watch some good TV , and travel. It’s a modest list, but, as I’ve learned, with an infant, it’s hard to carve out time for oneself.

I hope you had a wonderful New Year’s Day. Back to the grind tomorrow.


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