Holiday Notes


Hi there!

We’re still enjoying a slower pace here, lapping up the last few days of holiday relaxation. I am still editing the photos from my camera, so I am sharing a few from my Instagram feed here–sorry if you have already seen them!


My brother and his girlfriend just left today after a weeklong stay at our house. The combination of their visit plus Nora’s first Christmas where she really understands the concept made it the perfect holiday week. I am still on cloud nine about this last week of fun and family time!

We’ve been lazy and busy–the holiday paradox. It was a lot of work to get ready for Christmas but it’s been great to revel in the results of our efforts.

Before I forget, here are some holiday notes:


  • We constructed a gingerbread house this year. Stino, my brother’s girlfriend, and I had the genius idea of hot gluing gingerbread bricks to a box, which helped us focus on the fun part–decorating.
  • I made some cookies earlier in the season but in the final days leading up to Christmas relied on cookie mixes. Nora loves to bake but isn’t patient enough to measure multiple ingredients. We used the Pilsbury tube-o-cookies to make some cutout cookies, and Nora had a blast adding sprinkles. A good idea for enjoying baking with your toddler/preschooler.
  • Christmas day was surreal–the generosity of family and the magic of children was overwhelming. We spent hours opening gifts and taking breaks–truly an over-the-top, excessive celebration that I would never change. I love big Christmases and giving and receiving gifts. With the cold, dark, and depressing winter months ahead, it’s so fun to have new things to do in the house.
  • We made our traditional Christmas Eve meal (brioche and peanut soup) and did a traditional turkey dinner for Christmas. Steve slaved away in the kitchen on Christmas, but I think he enjoyed the process of cooking the meal.
  • Thanks to my brother and Stino, Steve and I each went out to a movie. He saw The Hobbit with Jordan and I saw Silver Linings Playbook with Stino. I hadn’t been to a movie since April–what a treat!IMG_1041
  • I had time to take Nora to get her first haircut. Just a trim, but her hair looks beautiful! We went to a kid place, so she got a certificate of bravery, which reminds me that I need to work on a scrapbook for her–a good January project.IMG_1013
  • We visited the Please Touch Museum, Gymboree, and played in the snow this week–fun vacation-week activities!
  • Carson’s a mess right now. He’s been sick but is getting better and is very overtired. We’ve got to focus on fixing our “broken baby” this weekend.IMG_1023

That’s it for now–back to spending time with my family. I’ll be back with 2012 reflections and goals for the new year soon. Hope you are enjoying your holiday season as well!


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