Our Family Photo

I always look forward to sending our Christmas card. I love the tradition of mailing traditional cards to a select group of family and special friends and plan to keep doing so until stamps no longer exist! It’s especially meaningful to me now that I have precious children of my own to showcase in a card and that many of my close friends also have adorable children to document and share. Receiving Christmas cards is one of my favorite parts of the holiday season.

These days, rather than find a cute Christmas card to send at a local stationary store, I enjoy getting a cute pic or two and then making a card on Snapfish. I took notes from the cards sent by my friends last year and made sure to incorporate my favorite elements of their cards into ours this year–including a photo of the whole family and printing the card on matte paper, which is nice because it’s two-sided so I could include a brief letter updating those who don’t interact with us regularly.

Family pic

This year, I decided to hire a professional photographer to capture our family since we are making our debut as a family of four this holiday season. We shot the photos in early November, and I love how they turned out! We ordered larger prints to enjoy in our home for years to come. Carson is pretty bald in the pics, so it’s nice to see his hair is growing in faster than I realized. And I think Nora’s look is fantastic–one of a busy two year old. Oh, and while we’re at it, I have to thank the photographer for delicately removing the bags under my eyes. I really appreciate the more-rested look!


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