Carson: Five Months

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On this big occasion (12/12/12), Carson marks his five-month birthday! As you can see from the photo above, our guy is a cutie pudge ball who’s become quite expressive!

Carson has become a champion at the activity gym lately, grasping the dangling toys for long periods of time. Carson loves to touch and grab at everything, though he hasn’t started the habit of sticking everything in his mouth yet. I’m going to have to get pretty disciplined about making sure Nora’s assorted small toys stay out of his reach soon. He has taken to a lovie lately and holds it while he goes to sleep–so adorable!

Other major developmental milestones as of late include Carson’s ability to sit unassisted for short periods of time, his belly laugh (especially when his class-clown sister does something funny), and his introduction to solids. We started cereal a few weeks ago, which he quite enjoyed and have since introduced sweet potatoes and applesauce, but his solids consumption is currently on hold while he takes his antibiotics for an ear infection–he’s been throwing up after eating solids for the last few days and we think it’s related to the medicine.


As you already know from early posts, we’ve been so sick lately, passing illness on to each other in what seems like a never-ending cycle. Poor Carson has an ear infection and a bad cough (we got a mask for the family nebulizer for him) but continues to be in good spirits. Carson’s also been waking a bit more at night because of the illness, which is completely understandable!

Because of the various sickness affecting our house, I went back to work full time at the beginning of the month since I had missed a lot of time in November. We’re adjusting to the new schedule and, while it’s certainly exhausting, it feels good to be back to our normal (pre-Carson) routine. Nora loves going to school five days a week and Carson’s infant room is relaxing with very loving teachers. Though I am adjusting to a five-day-a-week schedule myself, I have found that our at-home time is very full and rewarding these days with less television and more hands-on activities.

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This baby could not be cuter. I love him more every day that I spend with him, and it’s precious to watch how much he adores his big sister. Nora and Carson are going to be quite a tag team soon! Wait til he’s mobile!


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