Breakfast with Santa


Despite lingering illness in our house, three of the four of us headed out this morning to have breakfast with Santa at Longwood Gardens. Carson, who has his first ear infection and a severe cough, stayed home with his grandma while Nora, Steve, and I headed out to meet Santa and get into the holiday spirit.

I bought the tickets for this event a few months ago when I realized it would be a good way for Nora to meet Santa without being too intimidated (a mall setting would probably amp up her nerves). Low and behold, my maternal instincts about Nora and Santa were spot on–she liked seeing him from afar, but got pretty skittish as the time approached for us to take a photo with Jolly Ol’ St. Nick.

We missed Carson at our family outing, but it was a treat to go out with just Nora for a special occasion. She ran around the grounds and enjoyed a breakfast buffet; it’s remarkable how much she’s changed since the last Christmas season.


2 thoughts on “Breakfast with Santa”

  1. I am sorry that Carson is unwell but it is nice that you got to give Nora some special mommy-and-daddy time. The holiday season is extra-fun with two-year-olds, don’t you think?
    And by that way, you look gorgeous in the Santa photo. That purple sweater + belt combination is beautiful on you.

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