Finding Joy in the Journey


Admittedly, as of late, it’s been difficult to find joy at our house. Between illness and conflicting schedules, Steve and I are often huffing and puffing, scrambling to get immediate needs addressed. In the last month, we’ve spent little time together having fun and savoring the moment, which I think we are usually very good at doing. This has led to an unusual amount of bickering and sighing–we haven’t been at our finest!

Last week, while I was battling sickness, I told Steve that we need to work harder to find joy in the journey. This is particularly essential right now as our work schedules are very busy, Christmas to-do lists are growing longer, and the demands of our children are heightened during cold and flu season.

Despite two family members with stomach bugs this weekend, we took the time to set up for Christmas. We bought our tree. We displayed our Christmas village. We listened to our favorite holiday tunes.

Nora is entranced by the holidays this year, playing with the ornaments on the tree and coveting the snow globe we bought her when she was born. It’s going to be a long month for her as she waits for Santa’s arrival, but it will be so worth it!


And Carson . . . such a cute munchkin who is willing to be put in a candy-cane striped outfit for the happiness of his mama!


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