Carson: Four Months

Our big little guy is four months today. In fact, as of his morning four-month weigh in, he is larger than 95 percent of his peers! As a breastfeeding mommy, I couldn’t be more delighted to have such a big boy. And as a parent, I couldn’t be more relieved to have a healthy and happy baby.

What a difference a month makes! I remember this with Nora, too, but the development of a baby between thirteen and seventeen weeks is astounding. Carson holds his head up, spends time sitting unassisted (he’s wobbly), stands in his exersaucer, and plays on his tummy. He’s learned how to use his hands and is constantly feeling his clothes, holding onto my hair, and grasping at toys hanging from his activity gym. He’s quite the smiler and loves to laugh too. I get the feeling he’ll be rolling before he meets that five-month mark.

We’re managing at the house, though Steve and I have both been humbled by our controlled chaos as of late. We’ve got a bedtime routine, but it requires both of us, and we’re always busy doing something–baby/child entertaining, feeding, disciplining or chores. I’m back at work full time now, though fortunate to have enough vacation time to take Fridays off through the end of the year.

With the holidays ramping up, I am sure the next few months will be full of picture-worthy moments as well as an onslaught of things to do. I hope to recall Carson’s many milestones next month in the midst of the Christmas machine.


8 thoughts on “Carson: Four Months”

  1. I’m so glad to read this today. Happy 4 months Carson! My son is 13 weeks now, and though he was premature and still struggling with head control, it is like he woke up suddenly. He smiles and coos all day long and has been extra sleepy in between. Yay for growth spurts! Except the hair pulling lol, but as a mom…we will take that too 🙂

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