A Busy 31 Days

It began with a trip to the zoo, then to New York, then a birthday celebration, then a hurricane, and finally a Halloween celebration. October was an extremely busy month for us!

I’ve loved every minute of our busy month–it helped me get back to normal when I transitioned back to work part-time in late September. We’re back up and running at a busy pace that feels right for our family. Now we can’t maintain this level of activity forever, but it’s a good way to enjoy the holiday season considering our summer was a bit homebound with the newborn baby.

November will be another month of transition. I am officially back to work full time next week, though I have planned to take off Fridays through 2012. Carson will go to daycare three days a week (until now he’s only be going two days), and I will have to adjust to life without extra days at home with just my little baby. I look forward to my Fridays with both kids and in some ways feel relieved to be at work full time so I can get back into the groove of my normal life. However, I will savor this final Thursday off . . . it’s hard to believe my little guy is sixteen weeks today.


3 thoughts on “A Busy 31 Days”

  1. Hi I’m fairly new to blogging, and I found your site by searching for other mommies to connect with! I have a 6 yr old boy and a 12 week old boy. Your kids are adorable, by the way! I read about your crocheting, and it has inspired me to try again lol. I’ve tried a couple of times, and I just never seem to get it going right. My mom says I should just keep practicing, but I really am not good at keeping those chains at the same size!

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