Mommy’s Stuff

Nora is a great big sister. She is very attentive to Carson’s needs. Sometimes overly attentive.

Lately, I’ve needed to distract Nora while Steve gives Carson a bath. She is sometimes a little involved with his bath, to the point where it is difficult to wash him up. He is also a fan of personal space (aren’t we all?).

A guaranteed money-shot distraction is letting Nora rifle through my tossed-aside jewelry. She loves going through bags and bags of old (and once loved) accessories. The other night, to up the ante, I let her wear a dress that I wore as a young girl, sewn by my grandmother. She adored wearing it and looked really cute, even though the style is incredibly eighties (puffed sleeves and a cross-stitched bib!). Then, to get even more glamorous, she tried on my other grandmother’s rhinestone earrings.

A-NORA-BLE, right?! Ha ha, my first time using that phrase, but it’s too cute!


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