Finished: Carson’s Christmas Stocking

Two weekends ago, I feverishly finished Carson’s Christmas stocking:

I had made an unofficial October deadline to finish the project, considering that the last few months of the year get chaotic and that I am wrapping up my maternity leave at the end of the month.

Sewing is a challenge for me these days because to do it right requires hours of time. There’s washing, cutting, ironing, pinning, sewing, etc. and it’s rare to finish a project in one sitting, so then the physical chaos created by sewing is bound to be messed with by the toddler. However, since I made a stocking for Nora a few years ago, I was determined to make an equally special one for Carson, even if it risked my sanity.

All in all, I am pleased with this vintage-inspired stocking. I used the same pattern that I made for Nora’s and was pleased that I had saved quite a few instructions from the first time around. I embroidered Carson’s name on red fabric and the lining and back of the stocking is a cute retro “Merry Christmas” diagonal stripe pattern (see my bad photo below). I also added gold sequins to the Christmas tree stars; there’s got to be a bit of glitz! The front is (kind of) quilted, though I did not tie or quilt much of the front–just a sewn line at the top of the Santa pattern and the sequins hold the sandwich in place. While I quilted Nora’s, I didn’t think it would look very masculine on the little guy’s stocking.

So there you have it! Finished last weekend and I have yet to clean up the project space. This will likely be my last sewing project for a long time, because I have to face the fact that I do not have hours of time to devote to the craft and that it drives me nuts to half ass a sewing project. I’ll keep the knitting and crochet needles handy for some creative release now and again and revisit my beloved sewing machine in a few years.


1 thought on “Finished: Carson’s Christmas Stocking”

  1. It’s beautiful! Don’t worry, you’ll definitely get back to the sewing machine…some day! And you’ll pick right up again. 🙂

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