Carson: Three Months

Carson’s reached the quarter-year mark! At three months he is a happy baby, capable of holding his head up for long periods of time, sleeping (mostly) through the night, and smiling and talking to everyone. He has transitioned to daycare two days a week and is doing really well, eating and sleeping like usual.

Carson plays under his activity gym and loves tummy time, something his sister didn’t entertain at all. He also loves his Winnie-the-Pooh mobile, though he gets incensed when it stops spinning. His dada has been giving him baths regularly and he loves his tub time just like sis! Carson is more assertive than he used to be–often insisting on standing (his lock-knees are pretty strong!) and not happy if he’s laying down and can’t see what’s going on. Now that he can hold his head up he’ll enjoy the new baby contraptions that he can use. Just today I put him in the exersaucer and he stood in it for a good ten minutes at a time.

We’re getting a much better handle on life with two kids. In the last month, it’s felt like Carson’s always been in our family. Steve and I laugh when we are with just one kid during an outing–it’s like a vacation! We’re tackling bigger-scale outings–we headed to Sesame Place for a second time with just the immediate family, and I took the kids to the Please Touch Museum and the Zoo by myself (to meet friends though, something that is a huge help). It also helps that Carson usually sleeps through these outings!

There have been many times in the last month when I’ve looked into Carson’s eyes and he’s smiled back at me and my heart has actually melted. I never knew how special it would feel to have a little boy to call my son, and I am so fortunate that the little boy is Carson. His innocence and sweetness fill my body with love that I never knew existed. (I swear I don’t usually feel like this–I’m not that cheesy–but this guy makes me feel this way!)


10 thoughts on “Carson: Three Months”

  1. And now you know… there is something so special about having a little boy who thinks you are the most loveable, beautiful, and funniest lady in his tiny world. Yay for sons. 🙂

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