Random Bits

Random life updates:

We had to buy a new coffee maker last week after the one I bought prior to Carson’s arrival broke after just three months. WTF?! After some analysis, we indulged and bought a Keurig. I take my coffee drinking very seriously and Steve just can’t handle my love for the French Roast, so we can both caffeinate with our favorite blends in the morning with the Keurig. I was on the fence about it until I spoke to my brother, an environmentally conscious, serious coffee drinker himself. He told me you can “roll your own” K-cups, so I am going to give it a shot after our supply of sample coffees from the initial purchase dries up.

In other beverage-related news, this Shipyard Pumpkin Ale is delicious. The hubster gets credit for turning me onto this new brew. Oh how I love pumpkin beers!

My little elf is pretty cute in cold-weather gear, don’t you think? This is one Nora wore too–I love the neon green on him!

Nora, Carson, and I went acorn hunting yesterday. Nora’s eagle eye found a lot of intact acorns that the squirrels missed. It was a fun way to kill time on a cold Sunday morning without Steve.


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