Much Ado about Diapering

One of the major gifts from us to Nora for her birthday was this Bitty Baby diaper bag set. Since Carson’s arrival, she’s been very focused on diapering. Before she received this gift, we were donating a few Carson diapers a week to her babies and prying the A & D cream from her hands often. This play set features a diaper bag (with lots of pockets), three diapers, a wipes case with a wipe, a small tube of cream, and a changing pad.

Last Christmas, Nora received a Bitty Baby. I am a bit of a doll snob (I grew up on American Girls, so blame my mom!). I think the nicer dolls are much cuter than the cheapos at Toys R Us that have special features like the ability to pee or burp or cry. Yuck to that! So Nora’s had her nice doll for nearly a year and recently added a Corolle doll to her collection thanks to her grandfather. When I decided that Nora needed a diaper set, I went straight to the American Girl website.

While at first I winced a bit at buying the $36 diaper bag for her, my gut instinct decided to click the “buy” button. I am glad I did because the set is of very high quality. In my opinion, it’s okay for my kids to have some nice toys if I know they’ll take good care of them, and Nora covets this set. While tearing through her pile of gifts on her birthday, all present opening had to stop once she received this so she could diaper her babies.


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