Nora’s Candy Cake

We opted out of a kid-centered birthday party for Nora this year and instead invited family to celebrate her special day in a low-key way. With a baby and my recent return to work, it didn’t seem like the year to overdo it.

While I did not create a quaint all-homemade party like I hope to someday (we opted for takeout), I did make Nora’s cake. I was inspired by one found on Pinterest that featured Kit Kats and M & Ms. Nora is not a baked-goods eater, but she does appreciate some candy now and again! I made my life pretty easy by using a (deluxe) cake mix and canned frosting. Honestly, the cake tasted delicious, and I was glad that I did not try to make one from scratch–it saved me so much time and mess!

I adorned the cake with a Winnie the Pooh candle, something that my gal noticed and appreciated. We decorated the house with other Pooh-themed items, including a big decorated cardboard two that greeted Nora when she woke up on her special day.


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